Our Areas of Focus

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New Business Planning

Starting and building a company is all about leadership and vision – formulating an idea, building a unique plan based on vision and experience, and forging a path over and through all obstacles.

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Business Strategy

Do you know your competition well? Does your strategy guide how you allocate your scarce resources? Can your employees articulate your strategy and are they empowered to execute on it?

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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance at its heart is about making critical decisions around the allocation of scarce resources. It is about understanding the true sources of a company’s competitive advantage.

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LDC focuses first on the strategic needs of our clients’ businesses to determine the technology capabilities needed to support their long-term goals. We help companies confidently.Read More »

Leadership Coaching

Leadership behaviors are one of the critical elements that research shows are most important in determining a company’s decision effectiveness and thus its performance.Read More »

HR & Training

In today’s world, Organizational complexity is the new normal, driven by growth, globalization and disruptive technologies; properly addressing it requires time and focus.

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